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brush and plastic spatula
ready to use
20-25 m2/2.5 l

EFFETTI – Respecting a long tradition in innovation, the company Candis presents a new matte decoration that with a different combination of colors, light and shadows gives the blending effect of antique and modern wall.

Set Effeti consists of:

  • Tiffany (acrylic paint) as a primer in white color
  • ATF Base od 2.5 l
  • Cartridge ATF
  • Effetti toner in 13 different tones (Rosso Namibia, Perla Marrakech, Rosa Salvador, Rubino Malaysia, Giallo Guinea, Verde Alabama, Terra Barcellona, Fuoco Caracas, Arancio Madagascar, Ombra di China, Bruno Samarcanda, Ocra Brisbane, Blu Baltico)