About us

DE. COMPANI l.l.c. is a company founded in 2004 with its headquarters in Belgrade whose main activity is the representation and distribution of paints and varnishes. We are general representatives of the Italian brands CANDIS, CASATI, GIORGIO GRAESAN and OMEGA for the entire territory of the former SFRY. Our range of products offers a large number of paints of the highest quality, façade materials, as well as various decorative paints and tools. Thanks to experience, good organization and modern equipment, we fully meet investitors’ clearly defined requirements made in advance, as well as the performance of painting – painting and façade works, so that the quality and dynamics of execution are fully respected.
You can visit our show room and retail facility DE.Compani at 224 Vojvode Stepe Street in Belgrade. We are here to help you with all your doubts and questions.



CANDIS – Candis S.r.l. was founded in 1969. Based on clearly set goals and its great achievements, Candis has become a leader in the field of decorative technology. Thanks to the product Antiche Terre Fiorentine, it set the standard, both on the Italian and foreign markets thus enabling its customers to beautify and highlight details in their space. He directed his goals towards perfection, and the results are evident in all products. Today, Candis supplies over 1500 retail shops in the Italian market and 33 international markets.



CASATI – Colorificio A. & B. Casati S.p.A. was founded in 1935 with its headquarters in Verona. Modern technology, careful selection of raw materials and professional staff have created a quality product by which Casati has become a recognizable brand in the production of paints, façade materials, decorative materials for metal and wood. What makes this brand stand out are the products based on acrylic siloxane raw materials that contain microfiber suitable for the restoration of both old and new buildings.



GIORGIO GRAESAN & FRIENDS s.a.s. – Life in the Graesan family has never been black and white. His father Luigi Graesan shared his passion for colours and decorations with Giorgio Graesan. Apart from knowledge, he inherited creative curiosity and a desire for constant development and innovation. In 1970, Giorgio began to create innovative wall decorative paints of bright colours, which he combined with the most modern ideas and achieved enviable success in the world color market. The previous approach to interior design exclusively with the help of wallpapers has been replaced by a new revolutionary approach – decorating the homes’ walls with paint. By launching the product SPATOLA STUHHI in an exciting range of colours, it confirms its theory that colours are never left to chance and are always based on the axiom Colour = Excitement. His collections of colours “Segui il tuo Instinto”, “Colori di Portofino”, “Sole di Marocco” are clear evidence that Giorgio Graesan is one of the most famous architects of today.



PENNELLIFICIO OMEGA S.p.A. – is a manufacturer of tools, which includes a complete range of professional brushes and rollers. OMEGA production is known for its extensive experience and careful selection of raw materials, which makes it a leading manufacturer not only in Italy but also around the world.