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Antiche terre fiorentine (l’originale)

brush, plastic spatola
ready to use
20-25 m2/2.5 l
2.5 l

ANTICHE TERRE FIORENTINE (L’ORIGINALE) – Decorative material which, by its simplicity and matte effect, evokes the charm and unique beauty of Renaissance Italy. With extremely little effort and time, your walls will get a sophisticated and luxurious look. The ecological product is obtained by a mixture of natural oxides and resins of the highest technological quality based on water, thanks to thirty years of research by the Italian company Candis.

Set  Antiche Terre Fiorentne consists of:

  • Tiffany (acrylic paint) as a primer in white color
  • ATF Base of 2.5l
  • ATF Toner