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A wide variety od decorative materials for floors and walls. Visit our showroom, Monday-Friday 08 – 18h, Saturday 08 – 14h. We are waiting for you!

Marmorino Unico

Marmorino Unico is a water-based innovative decorative material apllied to floors and walls. It is ideal for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, either new or old floors and walls. It is a perfect option for business objects, showrooms, retail objects, catering, pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities. It can be toned in all tones of standardized tone charts (NCS i RAL). It is characterized by high water resistance, flexibility and resistance to micro-displacement of the surface.

Istinto Iper Vetro

When you want a unique design for your bathroom.
Istinto, IPER VETRO:
– application on walls and floors
– water resistant
– unlimited number of colours and textures

Aurora Boreale – Good night

Aurora Boreale – Good night product An innovative product which collects the light received and emits it in total darkness, the light effect can be further enhanced with UV light. The surface which is previously illuminated by direct light later glows in the dark, emphasizing the esthetic effects and play of light. Aurora Boreale can be used on any surface such as wood, metal, plastic after proper preparation to keep objects glowing in the dark. It can be used for making drawings, records or logos for any wall or surface. A completely transparent product that keeps the background colour unchanged.