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AUREA COR-TEN gives a fantastic effect in the exterior.
It can be applied to plastered walls and as a finishing effect on demit facades.


Onyx decorative technique is an imitation of rusty metal, it is an absolute hit in interior and exterior decoration in the desire to achieve a modern industrial style that is increasingly present in contemporary architecture.

Estasi di Marmo

NEW decorative material
Final treatmentthat of ISTINTO that imitates a MARBLE wall
This decorative material reigns supreme in the interior lately, depending on the Estasi di Marmo coating it can be applied in all types of interiors, both on small and large surfaces.


POSITANO – Ecological and water-based decoration. It reproduces the beauty, in an opaque version, of the most classic decorative products, overcoming the difficulty of application.


A wide variety od decorative materials for floors and walls. Visit our showroom, Monday-Friday 08 – 18h, Saturday 08 – 14h. We are waiting for you!

Marmorino Unico

Marmorino Unico is a water-based innovative decorative material apllied to floors and walls. It is ideal for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, either new or old floors and walls. It is a perfect option for business objects, showrooms, retail objects, catering, pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities. It can be toned in all tones of standardized tone charts (NCS i RAL). It is characterized by high water resistance, flexibility and resistance to micro-displacement of the surface.